Banks without commissions do they really exist?

For decades, bank commissions were something that the consumer assumed as inevitable. But it has been a while since the figure of the bank without commissions is gaining ground. Failure to charge for basic operations, such as making a transfer, is an important attraction for the public. Hence, more and more entities are struggling to become the best bank with accounts without commissions .

What are the most common commissions?


Whether you are a traditional banking user or if you have already switched to digital banking, it is possible that at some point you had to face these commissions:

  • By issuing checks.
  • For transfers.
  • For withdrawing money at an ATM from another bank other than yours.
  • Due to lack of balance.
  • For maintenance of the current account.
  • By issuance, renewal or maintenance of the credit or debit card.
  • For making an entry in the window.

Are there really accounts without commissions?


The concept of a bank without commissions came to Spain through ABC, with its Orange Account , then developing other products such as the Payroll Account. All products of this entity have the characteristic of not carrying commissions.

The success of this entity was such that many others have copied their business model . There are now a large number of entities that offer accounts without commissions. 

But the truth is that the absence of commissions is not usually given automatically . In most cases, the client is required to meet a series of requirements so as not to charge certain services.

The most common is to request the direct debit of the payroll or, failing that, keep a minimum balance of a certain amount in the account . Thus, the client obtains benefits such as having a free debit card, not having to pay an account maintenance fee or making national transfers at no cost.

However, there is still a commission that is difficult to avoid: that charged by banks to withdraw money from an ATM of another entity.

Is it easy to change the account from one bank to another?


Today this management is simple and very fast , banks do not ask for any kind of explanation. Therefore, if your bank is charging you commissions, it may be a good idea to compare bank offers without commissions and pass your money to one of these entities.


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