All You Have to Know About Pre-Granted Loans

This new preconceived loan financial concept is nothing more than a new line of financing that certain entities issue for having a product contracted with them as a payroll domiciled for example. Normally they are being offered to customers with a certain profile and relatively high income. In this way, up to 20,000 euros can be granted without the need for paperwork and immediately, as is the case with fast loans.


Its usefulness is usually for the purchase of a car

Its usefulness is usually for the purchase of a car

the financing of a trip or the completion of a home renovation. The problem is that it is only offered as we have said to profiles with a good bank history and that do not need more than 30,000 euros at most, although what is granted to each client depends on the results of the personalized study that they do previously to assess their situation financial

Its great attraction is undoubtedly its processing, since it is the financial institution itself that performs the previous study and the offer without requesting anything from the client.

Now, if we go into details, what kind of interest do these pre-granted loans have? Although they are personalized products, they are usually around 7 and 10% more commissions, opening costs, etc. In this sense, if you need financing from Jan Livingwood we recommend that you do not settle for the option offered by your entity and compare with others.


Fast credit comparator

Fast credit comparator

This financial product is very new and sometimes it is confused with micro loans and it is important to differentiate that although they have similar characteristics such as their quick concession and without having to go to any branch, they have great differences. Among them we can highlight the return period and the amount requested where the micro loans have a maximum of 400 euros and must be returned within a maximum period of 30 days, while the others are granted up to 30,000 euros to be repaid in terms of up to 5 years.

As a recommendation we advise you to consult all the financing offers on the market before making any decision. If you need it you can consult with our Jan Livingwood advisors or with our fast credit comparator.


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